Life in Motion: Coffeeshops, Trains, and Airplanes.

Since the onset of Covid19, I have explored creativity in a flurry of attempts. One particular activity, sorting through my notes, always offers great insight into life and creativity pre-covid, and currently. …

This is a diagram I pulled from an online piece written by Ezio Manzini, which to me put everything he talked about into a visual schematic that made sense.

When I heard Ezio Manzini mention “cosmopolitan localism” verbally, it impacted me strongly. Even though I had seen the term, the meaning and impact of it only “clicked” after I heard it. It made me realize that a lot, almost all, of the issues that I care about are centered…

Themes: Tactical Urbanism, Randyland, Park(ing) Day, Green spaces, community, hiking trails, nature’s power, ecosystems, natural parks, “feeling,” bonding w/nature, “communal,” vibrant, creative, policy

Background: I was in the group that decided to tackle the question of Tactical Urbanism, which focuses on spaces of land, that are limited to certain activities…

Vera Schulz

Data-driven UX Researcher and Designer! Fascinated by social behaviors and impactful design. I live by a dirty iced chai or a funky tropical drink :)

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